UMP (Unified Media Platform)

Setting up the UMP to stream media to an Xbox 360
This document is in no way approved by Microsoft or any other vendor involved in Xbox
The UMP not only supplies a UPnP AV 1.0 streaming media server with DLNA
support, but also features a so-called Xbox compatibility mode, designed for
streaming to this device. You can set it up as follows.
1: Go to Shares, Local Shares in the web interface, and check that UPnP AV
    Server is set to Enabled. If it isn't, set it to Enabled and click on Save Settings.
2: Go to Shares, UPnP Settings in the web interface, and check that Sharing is
    enabled for at least one of the available sections (USB requires a storage
    device to be connected).
3: Next check that Enable XBox 360 mode is set to Enabled. If it isn't, set it to
    Enabled and click on Save Settings.
4: Check that the UPnP Server's name doesn't include any spaces or extended
    characters. There have been reports of similar devices failing due to usage of
    these in the service identifier.
5: If you had to change any settings, then go to Plugins, Helpers in the web
     interface, and select to restart the UPnP server.
6: Turn on your Xbox 360, go to My Xbox and select the Video Library. You
    should see UMP:1 at the bottom of the list. Select it, and it should connect to
    your shared directories. If you have MP3 files in your shared directories, then
    return out of the video library and go in to the music library.
NOTE: According to various sources, complex names in the shared directories
name seems to make the Xbox show 'No videos found'. Rename the directory, or
copy your files to another directory.
NOTE: Playing AVI/DivX/XviD seems to be a bit of a problem. There have been
reports on the internet of a simplistic solution by just renaming .AVI files to WMV.
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UMP-SA-5X User Manual


This is a guide to writing FXD files for the OSD for advanced users that wish to change the layout of certain items or add  custom commands.

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Guide to Designing Skins


This document provides detailed information about the XML skin interface of the OSD for advanced users.

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