UMP (Unified Media Platform)


Although this device is intended to be fully open source and licensed in the most flexible of ways possible, certain elements of the device are subject to more restricting licenses. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to:




-         ZSNES: Please see the licensing information at




-         Adobe® Flash Player: The Adobe® Flash Player is included with your UMP, but is not pre-installed, due to the licensing restrictions. To install the Adobe® Flash Player please perform the following steps:

1: Navigate to the Config/Flash share in the File Browser or via  
    Samba/NFS/FTP from a networked computer.


2: Read the Adobe_PlatformClients_WWEULA.pdf file in the Config/Flash directory.


3: ONLY if you agree to the license presented, copy the file


‘flash_player-10.1.ump’ to the Packages directory.




 4: Restart the UMP. Upon restart, the Adobe® Flash Player will be
     installed. Check the ump.log logfile under Logs in the Web 
     Interface to verify that the installation worked. If desired, you can
     now test the Flash Player by accessing a Flash enabled website in
     the Web Browser like Youtube or Google Videos.




-         MAME: MAME is not included in your UMP due to licensing restrictions in regard to redistribution. The UMP is pre-configured to work with MAME, though. To install MAME:



1: Download the latest Debian or Ubuntu MAME SDL Package.




2: Rename the package to ‘mame.ump’ and place it in the Packages




3: Restart the UMP. Upon restart, the MAME package will be installed.
    Check the ump.log logfile under Logs in the Web Interface to verify the
    installation worked. See for more
    information on its license.