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Unified Media Platform
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Building the UMP
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UMP (Unified Media Platform)


Congratulations on your purchase of and/or interest in a UMP device! This document will get you started when first connecting your device and provides in depth information on all areas of the configuration.



The UMP series of media solutions are designed to be domestic entertainment devices, strongly oriented and optimized for media playback, providing a unified solution to regular end users looking for simplicity in use, but maintaining the utmost flexibility for advanced users to configure the device for their particular needs.



These devices were designed to offer not only the services commonly found on other devices concentrating on certain areas which are also covered by the UMP, but allow for extremely diverse environments and usage methods. It features almost all codecs and protocols found in similar devices, but also leaves the possibility open to add extended functionality at a later date.



On average, not many end users wish to spend the time and effort involved in designing the devices they use for media oriented recreational purposes themselves. Hardly any devices currently available on the market allow for much customization of the device’s functionality or even appearance. The UMP however is not only entirely open source based, but makes use of well known and documented software packages and systems. Due to the GPL or LGPL license provided with almost all sources of the device’s applications and base operating system, you are permitted to modify all applicable source code according to the terms specified in the corresponding license.



Due to the small size and low power usage featured by the UMP devices, it represents a far less significant environmental impact as many comparable devices as it can often replace a number of appliances, applications of even the use of a dedicated personal computer.