UMP (Unified Media Platform)

9.4 Command Plugins and Settings




Although the Commands section of the OSD is mainly defined by the functionality of the underlying scripts, some customization is possible. Note that you may also need to adjust or edit the Skin to accommodate for certain changes in the OSD’s interface.



Command (default)

This is the main Command plugin, which provides the Commands Menu. Note that if you disable this plugin, the others below will not work.

command.fxdhandler (default)

This plugin allows you to specify additional actions for items in a folder.fxd XML file.

command.CommandMainMenuItem (default)

This plugin allows you to add your own commands to the Main Menu. This plugin provides the Browse the Web command in the OSD Main Menu.



You can enable, disable and sometimes also configure these plugins by accessing the Web Interface, either locally or from a networked computer, and navigating to Plugins -> Global.





The only configuration that is not performed by the plugin arguments is the default directory in which to search for command FXD XML files. This setting is listed in the Web Interface under Settings -> All -> Other:


COMMANDS_DIR = '/usr/share/freevo/fxd/commands'


It is strongly recommended that only advanced users who are comfortable using shell access change this parameter.



After changing any of these settings, you will need to restart the OSD for the settings to take effect.