UMP (Unified Media Platform)

8.3 Advanced RSS Settings


Because all RSS functionality is combined into one single plugin, less configuration is required. To completely remove the RSS client function from the OSD, access the Web Interface and navigate to Plugins -> Global and disable the ‘headlines’ plugin.


As explained in the previous section, you can add, edit or remove RSS sources in the Web Interface by navigating to Settings -> All -> Other and modifying the values in HEADLINES_ITEMS.


There are no theoretical limits to the amount of text in an RSS item, despite the restrictions indicated by the protocol



Please note that the URLs may NOT include equals symbols “=”, though “&eq;” can be used, if the RSS server supports this. If you include an equals symbol and save the configuration you may need to edit the configuration file manually.




After changing any of these settings, you will need to restart the OSD for the settings to take effect.