UMP (Unified Media Platform)

8.1 Reading RSS Feeds


Because of the huge amount of publicly accessible RSS feeds an RSS client has been included in the UMP.


Currently the UMP-OSD supports most RSS 0.90, RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 1.1 and RSS 2.0 feeds. If you wish to access a feed in a different format, like for instance the popular Atom format, you will need to use the built-in Atom/RSS client in the Web Browser.


Note that the UMP does not support pictures in feeds. Only text is displayed, although there is no theoretical limit as to the amount of text.


To view an RSS feed navigate to the Headlines Menu in the OSD and select a channel. After the ‘Reading Headlines’ dialog disappears, you should see the individual feed items. Highlight an entry and press Enter on the remote control or keyboard (UMP-R-XXX).