UMP (Unified Media Platform)

7.7 Advanced Image Settings


Below you can find an overview of some advanced settings that can influence the image handling of the device. Please note that, as with any other section, the OSD needs to be restarted for the settings to take effect.




Note that if you change settings but they do not seem to take effect after restarting the OSD, you may need to rebuild the UMP Media Cache. To do so, select Rebuild UMP Media Cache from the Commands Menu or the cache helper under Plugins -> Helpers in the Web Interface.










Here you can specify whether image thumbnails should be cached. This is enabled by default and provides better performance in most cases.








Here you can specify what items to include by default in the Images Menu. Note that menu items added by plugins are not affected by this parameter.




IMAGE_SUFFIX = [ 'jpg','gif','png','jpeg','bmp','tiff' ]




Here you can specify the allowed file types which should be displayed in the Images Menu and its submenus.








Here you can specify the file extension (or ‘suffix’) for slideshows. Note that FXD slideshows are supported regardless of this parameter.




IMAGE_EXCLUDE = [ 'thm', 'tn_', 'psd' ]




Here you can specify file extensions that should NOT be displayed in the Image Menu and its submenus.








Here you can specify the image transition effect. Possible values are None (no effect), -1 (random effect), 0 (alpha blending) and 1 (wipe effect).







7.7 Advanced Image Settings (continued)




Here is the continuation of the advanced image settings listed on the previous page:










Here you can specify how long an image should be displayed before moving to the next item. Setting this value to 0 disables the automatic precession to the next item. Higher values denote the number of seconds to wait.








Here you can specify whether autoplay should start when a directory which only contains one slideshow is opened.








Here you can specify the Image Viewer aspect ratio. Possible values are expressed as decimal values (“1.0” by default) or as a calculation, such as “(float(1024) / float(720))” or (float(768) / float(720))”.








Here you can specify whether images should rotate normally or reversed. In effect this swaps the Right and Left directional keys on the remote control (UMP-R-1XX) or keyboard (UMP-R-2XX, UMP-R-3XX) when viewing images. Possible values are 0 (no) and 1 (yes).







After changing any of these settings, you will need to restart the OSD for the settings to take effect.