UMP (Unified Media Platform)

6.5 Music Related Plugins


Here you can see an overview of the currently available audio plugins. Please note that some plugins are still experimental, and may not have been tested by the UMP development team.




This plugin displays albums as a filetree. It cannot interpret all folder structures, though.


A UMP interface for XM Radio

NOTE: you will need a valid XM Radio account to make use of this plugin.

audio.detach (default)

This plugin allows you to detach the audio player to the background, so that you can perform other tasks while the music is playing.

audio.apodcast (default)

This plugins allows you to add any number of audio Podcasts. A few sources are configured by default.


Last FM player client for the LastFM Internet radio services. NOTE: some functions may require a valid LastFM account.

audio.icecast (default)

A UMP interface to play Icecast Radio streams both locally or via the Internet.

audio.shoutcast (default)

Browse and play Shoutcast Radio streams in the OSD. This plugin offers more than just a playlist, it retrieves data on the fly.

audio (default)

This is the main Audio Plugin which handles all kinds of audio items.


Submit information to the AudioScrobbler project which uses these statistics entirely anonymously.

audio.detachbar (default)

This plugin adds the detached audio player to the IdleBar instead of leaving an ‘icon’ on the ‘desktop’ of the OSD.

audio.playlists (default)

This plugin allows you to create playlists for music items and enables playlist management in the OSD.


This plugin allows you to search for album art on Please note that this requires an development key.

audio.lyrics (default)

A UMP interface for downloading song lyrics from Note that restrictions may apply to usage of the service imposed by the service provider.



6.5 Music Related Plugins (continued)


Here is the continuation of the previous list of plugins:



audio.cdbackup (default)

This plugin allows you to backup audio CDs in MP3, OGG, FLAC or WAV. It uses CDParanoia to optimize the ripping process for obscure drives.


This plugin allow you to display windowed and full screen MPlayer audio visualizations. Note: this plugin is still in an experimental phase and can cause the OSD to crash. Enable it at your own risk.

audio.mplayer (default)

This plugin uses MPlayer for the audio player. This is the default setting.


This plugin allows you to create a new playlist if you have a MusicIP server running or access to such a service online.



All plugins listed here can be enabled, disabled, and in some cases configured from the Plugins page in the Web Interface. To access these settings, open the Web Interface and navigate to Plugins -> Audio.


Note that disabling some plugins can cause unexpected behavior on the OSD. The plugins marked with ‘(default)’ are loaded by default, and should in most cases remain active.


After enabling or disabling any of these plugins, you will need to restart the OSD for the settings to take effect.