UMP (Unified Media Platform)

6.4 Playing Music from Online Sources


Playing Online Music and Internet Radio is a commonly desired function which a constantly increasing number of similar devices also support, but due of the variety of different streaming sources and their sometimes short existence, few devices can keep up with the developments. The UMP however contains a number of interfaces to common Internet Radio sources, and provides the possibility of adding your own Podcasts and radio stations. Currently, the following sources are supported, and there is generic support for audio Podcasts:


The following sources can be used by means of available Plugins:


- –, one of the largest providers of streaming Internet radio


-  - Last FM, a large portal to streaming Internet radio stations


- - America's #1 Satellite Radio Service



These functions are represented by the following Plugins, which can be enabled or disabled in the Web Interface under Plugins -> Video:


-         audio.shoutcast

-         audio.lastfm

-         audio.xmradio



Note that the bandwidth required to play Internet radio streams is not much, but buffering problems can occur due to heavy load on the remote service providing the stream. Although the UMP will avoid streams with the maximum number of listeners already connected, there are circumstances where the service simply disconnects existing clients to make room for new listeners.


If the Audio Player hangs during the playback or while buffering data from an Internet radio station or stream, press the Exit button on the remote control (UMP-R-1XX) or the Escape button on the keyboard (UMP-R-2XX, UMP-R-3XX). After a maximum of 20 seconds, the Audio Player should close, and the previous menu should be displayed. If this fails, use the Start/Stop OSD button on the remote control to exit and restart the OSD.