UMP (Unified Media Platform)

6.3 Playing Music from Optical Media


Playing Music from optical media is greatly enhanced in the UMP, as opposed to many similar devices which concentrate highly on video functionality, but provide inadequate audio support. Because not all UMP devices are equipped with an optical drive by default, and the range of drives available is huge, a highly abstracted interface has been implemented, attempting to conceal the inner functions, but providing sufficient flexibility in configuration for advanced users to adjust the relevant settings as desired.


The UMP fully supports autoplay for Audio CDs and Data CDs and DVDs containing audio data. Note that there are a few restrictions, separate from the restrictions imposed by the drive (if the optical drive was not installed by default).


A data mode CD or DVD containing audio files should use the ISO9660 filesystem for optimal support, though most types of UDF are supported (not including 2.0 or later). If a disc is inserted which contains audio files (either in subdirectories or in the root directory) it will be treated as an audio disc, and the default title will be played automatically if the UMP OSD is in the Main Menu.


If a data mode CD or DVD is inserted which contains more than one type of media, such as video files or images, the audio data may be disregarded in preference of the video files. Note that audio files have precedence over image files for autoplay. When a data mode CD or DVD containing audio data and images is inserted, the images will be queued at the end of the automatically generated playlist.


Note that even though CD+G (CD-TEXT) or Karaoke CDs will generally play, provided the optical drive supports them, though the lyrics cannot be displayed. See the Audio Plugins section at the end of this chapter for alternatives.


Audio CDs in all common formats are accepted, provided the optical drive supports the media as well. The Audio CD playback is performed digitally, and therefore supports external (USB) drives as well, though an internal drive is recommended for intensive usage.  Note that there may be some delays when navigating between tracks on Audio CDs due to the way some drives index and cache their data. Please also note that only one single optical drive should be connected at one time.