UMP (Unified Media Platform)

6.2 Playing Music over the Network


Playing Music over the Network is no different to playing locally stored audio files, with the exception of the Clipboard and Delete functions obviously, if the network source is not connected with read and write permissions.


Almost any common network these days is fully capable of providing sufficient bandwidth for streaming audio, especially when dealing with highly compressed data like MPEG layer 3 or Windows Media Audio.


If you are using extremely high quality WAV files or FLAC files with low compression for instance, you may want to verify that the bandwidth supplied is sufficient.



CBR, VBR, >=320k tested


CBR, VBR, >=320k tested


CBR, VBR, >=320k tested


PCM up to any plausible bitrate. 24bit 44100hz tested. Other formats may also play.


CBR, VBR, Lossless, >= 256k tested


CBR, VBR, up to any plausible bitrate. VBR


Up to any plausible bitrate. High compression (-8) tested.


Theoretically up to any plausible bitrate. VBR tested. >=256


Device does NOT support DRM in any form.