UMP (Unified Media Platform)

5.6 Video Related Plugins


Here you can see an overview of the currently available video plugins. Please note that some plugins are still experimental, and may not have been tested by the UMP development team.




video.vpodcast (default)

A UMP Interface for Video Podcasts. A number of sources are preconfigured.


Browse links to find video files. This plugin allows you to add your own links and load videos from them. (default)

A UMP Interface for YouTube to search, download and watch videos.


A UMP interface to watch move trailers from ttp://


A UMP interface to


A UMP interface to watch Apple’s online trailers at

video (default)

Plugin to enable the Video functionality of the device.


Plug-in to re-encode old recordings more efficiently to save space.

video.fillscreen (default)

This plugin allows you to select the aspect ratio for playback in the video menus.

video.reencode (default)

Plugin to re-encode video files into a number of different formats.

video.moviecovers (default)

A UMP interface to movie cover images from

video.bookmarker (default)

Automatically bookmark where playback was last stopped, and resume it.

video.bilingual (default)

Plug-in to play videos which have bilingual sound (or multiple soundtracks).


Make DVD backups (DVDrips) using the re-encode function of the device. (default)

A UMP interface for the Internet Movie DataBase at


An item menu plugin to remove commercials from TV recordings.





5.6 Video Related Plugins (continued)




Here is the continuation of the previous list of plugins:





Plugin to archive fxd files for optical media in a specified directory.


Forces the aspect ratio to the detected automatically, when playback starts.


This plugin obtains movie information in Spanish from FilmAffinity.

video.dvdcopy (default)

Allows copying a DVD to the harddisk or network shares as a one to one copy.

video.wikisubtitles (default)

Allows you to search for subtitles online. Note that this site is currently offline.

video.dvdimage (default)

This plugin enables the 'Play image as DVD' function for ISO, IMG or BIN images.


This plugin attempts to provide bmovl support for MPlayer.

video.mplayer (default)

This enables the use of MPlayer for the video playback functions.


This plugin is automatically loaded with the video.dvdcopy plugin.




All plugins listed here can be enabled, disabled, and in some cases configured from the Plugins page in the Web Interface. To access these settings, open the Web Interface and navigate to Plugins -> Video.




Note that disabling some plugins can cause unexpected behavior on the OSD. The plugins marked with ‘(default)’ are loaded by default, and should in most cases remain active.



After changing any of these settings, you will need to restart the OSD for the settings to take effect.