UMP (Unified Media Platform)

5.5 Playing Recorded Videos


When you record a TV show it is saved in the Recordings directory by default, though this behavior can be modified. This directory is listed in the VIDEO_ITEMS parameter and in the TV Menu, where it is listed as Recorded Shows instead.


You can view recorded videos by accessing either one of the two menu items, the only differences are the context menus presented in the individual sections.


The Recorded Shows directory is sorted by date with the default settings.


Note that you can preview recordings, if you are using a type of video format that permits opening unfinished output files. The default settings allow you to start viewing a running recording approximately 30 seconds after it has started, although it is recommended to allow roughly 5 minutes in most cases.




If you select an output setting for the recordings that requires a lot of CPU power, playing back the unfinished video can result in damaged video files. The UMP currently does not feature a video healing function.