UMP (Unified Media Platform)

5.4 Playing Online Videos


Playing Online Videos is a commonly desired function which a constantly rising number of similar devices are starting to implement. Because of the diversity of the online video sources, new plugins are constantly being added to increase the functionality of the UMP. Currently, the following sources are supported, and there is generic support for video Podcasts:



- – YouTube (category and search)

- - Apple’s Trailers

-         http://www.cinemovies.frCineMovies Trailers

-         http://wwitv.comWW ITV Internet Televison



Additionally, there are also the following generic video plugins with which you can load your own URLs:



-         video.podcast

-         video.linkbrowser



Note that not all URLs can be parsed correctly, therefore they may only work partially, or in some cases not at all.



Loading an invalid URL can in some cases cause a crash report screen to be displayed. If this occurs, you can choose to return to the OSD or shut it down and exit to the Desktop Mode. If you choose to return, and you are unable to operate the OSD, press the Start/Stop OSD button to exit to the Desktop Mode (UMP-R-1XX).