UMP (Unified Media Platform)

5.3 Playing Videos from Optical Media


Data Mode


Playing Videos from optical media works very much like playing videos over the network from a source with no write access, as the medium is read only. There are however a few additional functions to assist the usage of VCDs and DVDs for instance.


Autoplay is supported for Video data, however some limitations apply. A CD or DVD containing video files should use the ISO9660 filesystem for optimal support, though most types of UDF are supported (not including 2.0 or later).


If the disc contains the characteristics of a VCD, autoplay will attempt to play the video file, though it will not automatically prompt for any sequential discs or automatically eject the disc after playback.


If a disc is inserted with a single video file, autoplay will attempt to play it.


Discs containing multiple video files which appear to share a common name, a listing of the directory will be displayed. When playback is started, a Playlist is created in the background, so all ‘episodes’ will be played sequentially.


Note that Video autoplay overrides autoplay of other types of item on a disc such as a movie cover or other types of cover art.



DVD (Video)


If a disc is inserted which contains the typical movie DVD layout (VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS directories in the root directory) it will be treated as such, and the default title will be played automatically if the UMP OSD is in the Main Menu.


Note that if you enable both the ‘video.dvdbackup’ and the ‘video.dvdcopy’ plugins you can select to either copy the DVD to the HDD, as a one to one copy, or whether to re-encode the media. If you select to copy the DVD, an icon will be placed in the IdleBar, indicating that the process if still active. When the icon disappears, the DVD should have been copied.



5.3 Playing Videos from Optical Media (continued)


DVD (Video)


If you want to re-encode the DVD into another format, to reduce space or to copy to another device or medium, navigate to the CD-DVD […] entry in the Video Menu of the OSD. You should see the optical drive listed with a title behind the drive’s name. Select the item to see the available titles. Generally, one title will be displayed, though some discs have other layouts. Press the blue button on the remote control (UMP-R-1XX) to open the Action Menu and select Backup this DVD Title.


The following formats are available, and will be listed when selecting Backup this DVD Title, though you can specify your own settings in the DVD_BACKUP_MENU parameter in the Web Interface under Settings -> DVD:


XviD, 700mb

XviD, 700mb, High Quality

XviD, 1400mb

XviD, 1400mb, High Quality

MPEG4, 700mb

MPEG4, 700mb, High Quality

MPEG4, 1400mb

MPEG4, 1400mb, High Quality

h.264, 700mb

h.264, 700mb, High Quality

h.264, 1400mb

h.264, 1400mb, High Quality


High Quality indicates a heavier emphasis on the video encoding, while using less space and bandwidth for the audio stream.


The recommended setting is ‘XviD, 700mb, High Quality’, although the MPEG4 processing is generally a lot faster.