UMP (Unified Media Platform)

5.1 Playing Videos


Playing Videos is one of the main intended uses of the device, and therefore a large number of features are available which relate to this. We will discuss most of the functionality in this section.




To play a video, open the Video Menu from the Main Menu in the OSD. Here you will see a number of options, which are explained below:




-         Video: This leads you to the Video share (/mnt/data/Video) where you can browse through the available files.




-         Downloads: This leads you to the Downloads share (/mnt/data/Downloads) where you can browse through the available files.




-         Recordings: This leads you to the Recordings share (/mnt/data/Recordings) where you can browse through the available files.




-         Network: This leads to the browseable Network.




-         Video Podcast: This uses the ‘video.vpodcast’ Plugin.




-         Youtube: This uses the ‘’ Plugin.




When browsing through the various areas of the UMP storage you will find a number of small video files designed for testing purposes and maybe by now, some of your own material.




One of the almost unique functions offered by the UMP is the possibility to generate thumbnails for videos. Note that this function does not work on all types of video. To attempt to generate a thumbnail, highlight a video item in one of the Video Menus and select Create Thumbnail by pressing the corresponding button indicated in the Button Bar. If the function is not directly visible, open the Action Menu for the desired item, and select Create Thumbnail.



5.1 Playing Videos (continued)




The UMP can not only generate thumbnails for most video files as discussed in the previous section, but can also download video- and/or cover information. The following sources can be used by means of available Plugins:




- -, an online database of movie covers and artwork




- - The Internet Movie DataBase, a large database of many productions throughout the video industry




- - A Spanish website providing information on movies




These functions are represented by the following Plugins, which can be enabled or disabled in the Web Interface under Plugins -> Video:




-         video.moviecovers




-         video.filmaffinity




When watching videos with an aspect ratio that doesn’t match the geometry of the display device, you can optionally let the UMP attempt to correct the aspect ratio automatically by opening the Action Menu and selecting Fill Screen. This function is provided by the ‘video.fillscreen’ Plugin and can therefore also be disabled in the Web Interface.




Note that you can generate a thumbnail, and afterwards download information from IMDB, MovieCovers or FilmAffinity. The Create Thumbnail option is removed from the Action Menu as soon as one exists for the item, and any new information will take the place of the previous data. Thus the only way to have the thumbnail displayed again, instead of the image from one of the three online sources would be to delete that information, however, when information is retrieved that consists of an image and a description, the image can be deleted separately, leaving any previous images (such as the generated thumbnail) to be displayed.



Another function that makes the UMP stand out in comparison to many other devices is its support for both Subtitles, but also Soundtracks to be played along side a video file. To use this feature add a .srt or .sub file with the identical name as the video file, except for the file extension, to the same folder. Only one subtitle file can be loaded simultaneously. The same applies for soundtracks.