UMP (Unified Media Platform)

4.3 Recording from Composite or S-Video


Recording from the AV inputs (Composite and S-Video) can only be achieved by scheduling a Manual Recording (see section 4.1) unless you use a little trick. As discussed previously in the manual, you can connect for instance a Satellite Receiver to the AV input of the UMP and let the EPG load the data for the channels on this device. In general, this would mean that even though the channels are listed in the EPG, they cannot be selected, as the internal tuner is not aware of their frequencies and cannot receive them. To work around this you can however use the XMLTV ID of the Composite or S-Video channels (9998 and 9999) for other channels in the EPG.








Channels ABC1, ABC2 and ABC3 are terrestrial television channels configured in the EPG and set in TV Channels. These channels have full functionality in regard to recording on the UMP. As well as these channels, you may have a cable box which offers channels DEF1 and DEF2 which are maybe digitally encrypted and cannot be accessed in any way by the UMP. To gain near full functionality, you can however add DEF1 and DEF2 to your EPG listing, and your TV channels. Typically, you would need to add a frequency for the channels – but the frequency in question wouldn’t help the internal tuner anyway. This is where a little trick comes in: Instead of using the frequencies, use the presets configured for the AV inputs. Your TV Channels would then look like this:






('17', 'ABC1', '48', '', '0')


('18', 'ABC2', '49', '', '0')


('19', 'ABC3', '51', '', '0')


('27', 'DEF1', '9998', '9998', '1')


('28’, 'DEF2', '9998', '9998', '1')


('9998', 'Composite', '9998', '9998', '1')


('9999', 'S-Video', '9999', '9999', '2')






The new entries, using the abovementioned trick are listed in red. This allows for a total of two externally connected tuners (one via S-Video, the second via Composite).





4.3 Recording from Composite or S-Video (continued)





Note that there are some otherwise irrelevant restrictions when recording from the AV inputs:






-         There is only one sound input for recording from both the Composite and S-Video inputs. You can use a 3.5mm jack splitter to connect two outputs to it, though this can result in very poor sound.




-         When recording from the AV inputs, any sounds produced by the device will be present in the recording! It is recommended to disable the menu navigation sounds during these recordings or to leave the device idle.




-         As already mentioned, all background sounds will be recorded as well. This means that Music Playback or Games with sound would cause the same problem.








The reason for this is due to limitations in the TV/DVB tuner boards currently implemented. You can also use the integrated sound input on the tuner board, though the sound quality is rather poor as it’s limited to 32000Hz, stereo and will generally introduce some clicking noises in the recordings, depending on the input signal.




If you wish to use the integrated TV board sound input, please contact UMP support to make the necessary changes to the recording setup.