UMP (Unified Media Platform)

4.2 Scheduling with Favorites


Scheduling with favorites allows a more flexible approach to recordings. A favorite is a scheduled recording which doesn’t expire. In other words, it will record any and all instances of the program selected that it can find in the EPG data. Adding a favorite will create one or more entries under Scheduled Recordings if any applicable programs are listed in the EPG. Note that these Scheduled Recording entries are fully automatic and will be deleted and recreated in the background.




Besides allowing for more flexible and less tedious procedures when scheduling to record an item on a daily or weekly base, favorites also have a higher priority than regular scheduled recordings. This means that in the case of a recording conflict, the favorite will be recorded, regardless of the other program.




As long as there is EPG information available for a program, you can make it a favorite in a number of ways.






-         To schedule a TV recording from the OSD as a favorite you can open the TV Guide from the TV Menu, Alternate Select an item, and select Add to favorites.




-         You can also highlight an item in the Scheduled Recordings menu, and make it a Favorite, which will give it precedence over the other recordings.




-         If you perform a search in the EPG, or browse through the categories, you can also make an item a Favorite by pressing the corresponding color button listed at the bottom of the screen in the Button Bar.






To view, edit, modify and/or delete your current favorites, open the TV Menu and select View Favorites. Here you will see a list of the favorites and the schedule information for the highlighted item in the info area of the screen. You can edit the favorite or delete it by pressing the corresponding color buttons listed at the bottom of the screen in the Button Bar.




4.2 Scheduling with Favorites (continued)




Among the settings for the Favorite item, you will find the following parameters:




-         Modify name: Here you can enter a name for the resulting recordings.




-         Modify channel: Here you can select the channel to record from.




-         Modify day of week: Here you can set the weekdays on which the recording should take place.




-         Modify time of day: Here you can set the time of day at which the recordings should start.




-         Prevent recording of duplicates: This prevents recording duplicates of the same episode, where possible.




-         Record all episodes: This setting enforces the recording of all episodes, regardless of the time and date settings.




-         Save settings: Select this option once you are finished configuring the favorite.