UMP (Unified Media Platform)

2.4 FTP Service


Your UMP device provides an FTP service as well the NFS and Samba service mentioned previously which can be configured extensively in the Web Interface. The FTP service is similar to the NFS service in respect to the data which is made accessible. By default, the entire Data directory is shared (/mnt/data/).


To configure the FTP service, access the Web Interface and navigate to Shares -> FTP Settings. Here you will find the following configuration parameters:



Allow anonymous logins

Whether to allow anyone to access the service

Enable uploading files

Whether to allow users to upload files

Specify the local umask for uploads (default 022)

Permissions on uploaded files (default recommended)

Allow anonymous uploads

Whether to allow anyone to upload files

Allow anonymous users to create directories

Whether to allow anyone to create directories

Enable FTP messages

Whether to display optional FTP messages

Connect from port 20 (default YES)

Whether to initiate the connection on the data port

Idle session timeout(seconds) (default 1200)

Time before closing an inactive session

Data session timeout(seconds) (default 120)

Time before closing an inactive data session

Enable ASCII mode uploads

Whether to enable ASCII mode uploads

Enable ASCII mode downloads

Whether to enable ASCII mode downloads

Specify the FTP welcome message

The optional welcome message for the FTP service

Allow recursive listing of directories

Whether to allow users to list directories recursively



After configuring these parameters select Save Settings at the bottom of the page and restart the FTP service. To restart the FTP service navigate to Plugins -> Helpers and select ‘restart_ftp’ or Restart FTP Server from the Commands menu in the OSD.