UMP (Unified Media Platform)

2.3 NFS Service


As opposed to almost all other devices providing similar functionality, the UMP provides an NFS v3/v4 kernel service, which allows for a wide variety of usage, from simple mounting on NFS enabled systems like Linux, Free/OpenBSD, Solaris/SunOS, IBM OS/2 and Microsoft® Windows® (most versions require additional software for NFS functionality), but can even be used as a storage device by VMware® ESX servers.


Using the NFS service is reasonably simple in most cases. The device is configured to accept incoming connections from all hosts, and provides full read and write access to the data partition of the harddisk (/mnt/data/). The only user with permissions to access the service by default is ‘media’ using the password ‘media’. As discussed in the previous section, these credentials can be changed.


To disable the NFS service access the Web Interface either locally or from another networked computer, and navigate to Shares -> Local Shares. Next, set NFS Kernel Server to Disabled and click Save Sharing Settings.


To restart the NFS service after saving settings, you can select ‘restart_nfs’ under Plugins -> Helpers in the Web Interface or select Restart NFS Server from the Commands menu in the OSD.