UMP (Unified Media Platform)

2.1 How to access the Web Interface


The Web Interface of the device is the recommended way to configure its settings. Although it is possible to manually edit the configuration files, this is only advisable for advanced users.


To access the Web Interface you can either check the device’s IP address via Status -> Interfaces under Commands in the OSD or in the DHCP client list of your DHCP server (typically a router or similar device) if you use DHCP. If you set up a static IP address on the device, then use this address to access the Web Interface in your browser. Note that the use of non-W3C compliant browsers is not recommended, as only limited functionality will be available.


When accessing the Web Interface locally from the UMP, you will need to enter http://localhost:2080/ instead of just http://localhost/, as the web server process binds to this TCP port for security reasons. Alternatively, you can select UMP Management from the bookmarks menu in the browser.