UMP (Unified Media Platform)

@Pel would proudly like to announce that the @Pel.Net Internet eXchange has been successfully upgraded to a new hardware platform which is more than capable of handling the current 50Mbit SDSL fiber link.
Not only is the new machine equipped with three 1Gbit Ethernet interfaces, prepared for the upgrade to 100Mbit, but it also makes use of a recent Linux kernel and full SMP. Here are the current hardware specifications of the new machine:

- 2x AMD Opteron 250 (2.4Ghz)
- 4GB PC2700 DDR333 ECC RAM
- 2x Broadcom 5702 Gigabit uplink(s)
- 1x Broadcom 5703 Gigabit uplink(s)
- Phantom integrated Lights Out Management module

The proxy software has also been upgraded to provide more reliable performance under certain conditions, and is configured for a 1GB cache (RAM) with no minimum and a maximum object size of 4096K.

Some pictures of the new machine and the current switching fabric have been posted on the @Pel.Net Support Forum. As of this yesterday, the new 3Com 3824 (Managed 24x Gbit Ethernet + 4x 1Gbit SFP) switch has been fully configured and is now operating correctly as the new core switch.


Datacenter changes


Dear all,

some time ago the decision was made to move rack #1 of the datacenter to another location. After investigating the possibilities, we have decided to relocate to the front room (FR on internal plans).

Due to the shared circuit of the kitchen and current outlet, as well as the already present dual outlet in the front room, the unused circuit C4 has been re-wired to the new location for the rack. Additionally, the fusebox has been equipped with 3 outlets from C4 of which one runs the lighting, another one runs the fiber/ethernet bridge and the third outlet poweres the rack.

Please note that the physical migration of the datacenter will cause some downtime for the services that depend on resident servers. We will update the website to warn of the downtime, as soon as a definitive time and date are known.