UMP (Unified Media Platform)

15.3 UMP Signal Adapters


Depending on the type of display device that you plan to connect to the UMP device, you may need to use a signal adapter, as the device only provides a D-SUB 15 VGA output. There are two main types of signal adapters, which are explained below.



Passive Adapters (UMP-SA-5X)


These adapters are entirely passive and do not process the signal, but simply link the default 60 Hz NTSC output from the VGA output to a Composite and S-Video female connector. The main advantage of these adapters is their simplicity, due to the fact that they require no configuration or additional power from USB. The current line of these passive adapters does not allow for the connection of an additional VGA display device, though both the S-Video and Composite outputs may be used simultaneously.



Active Adapters (UMP-SA-1XX)


The active signal adapters feature advanced configuration and can accommodate for a VGA display device while the S-Video and/or Composite outputs are in use. Due to the fact that they actively process the VGA signal, additional power must be supplied by means of a USB power cable which can be connected to the UMP itself or to the USB power outlet of the AC adapter (only present on UMP-AC-XXXU models). Alternatively, you can use a regular 5V DC power supply. Using the USB power outlet of the AC adapter has the advantage that the signal adapter doesn’t lose its settings when the UMP is powered off, unless the AC adapter itself is disconnected from the mains power outlet.


See chapter 14, section 3 for more advanced information on the configuration of the UMP-SA-100 signal adapter.