UMP (Unified Media Platform)

15.1 UMP Remote Controls


The UMP devices can be controlled via the network with generic applications such as a Telnet client or a web browser, though for media playback, the regular remote control types are recommended. Remote controls are separated into three different product lines as follows:





The regular iR remote control with a serial receiver unit. This is the most commonly used way to operate the UMP if you do not have a mouse and keyboard connected. The last two digits of the model number indicate the product revision. The UMP-R-100 is the baseline model; future models will use a higher number in the 1XX range.





The UMP-R-2XX series of remote controls are generic USB HIDs that are supported on the UMP as well as any other platform or operating system that supports generic HIDs. The UMP-R-2XX cannot operate all functions of the UMP and is therefore not recommended as the only remote control facility.





The UMP-R-3XX series of controls are composed of a regular USB wireless mice and keyboards, allowing them to be used with almost any other computer, and without any visible component such as an iR receiver. Note that the keyboard itself can perform almost any action in the OSD or Desktop Mode, though it does not support a Mouse Mode, like the UMP-R-1XX.



All remote controls should be connected before powering on the device, though both the serial and the USB ports support hotplugging. Due to the nature of the PS/2 port handling, an input device may be disconnected and reconnected to the device, though for this to work, a PS/2 device must be connected when the device is started