UMP (Unified Media Platform)

14.2 Power Specifications


These power specifications indicate the approximate power consumption of various components in the device, and the overall power consumption from the external AC adapter.


These specifications are subject to change without further notice, depending on the components in the particular UMP device. If you downloaded this document from the online support section of the product’s website, please note that your individual device may differ, and it is recommended to consult the accompanying documentation.





Power Consumption


HDD (2.5”)

Internal: 5 Watts (5V) peak / 0.6-2.0 Watts (5V) average

External: 10 Watts (12V) peak / 3 -5 Watts (12V) average

DVB Module

Operating: 1.1 Watts / Idle: 0.02 Watts (3.3V)

External: 4 Watts (12V) / 0.1 Watts


Max: 500mA/hub(5V) = 1500mA (5V)

(3 x 500mA = 1500mA = 1.5A)

External: 3 - 4 Watts (12V)

System board + CPU

Max: 40 Watts (12V) / Typical: 25 - 35 Watts (12V)




0.6 Watts (12V)


1.3 Watts (12V)

On (average)

25-30 Watts (12V)

On (maximum)

>50 Watts (12V)


70 Watts / 5.8A (12V)




Note that the 60 Watt external AC adapters handle the peak load of 70 Watts as it only lasts for a short time.