UMP (Unified Media Platform)

13.9 Power Settings




This page provides the possibility to manage the device’s scheduled wakeup time and alter the current power state. A scheduled wakeup can be programmed for any day of the current month, though even if the current date is the last day of the month, scheduled wakeups cannot be set for any other day. This is a limitation posed by the Intel BIOS of the device. To check for any applicable updates, please check the UMP knowledgebase.


To program a scheduled wakeup, set WakeUp to Enabled, select the desired day, hour and minute from the drop down menus below the main power controls and click on Set WakeUp. If the requested date or time is in the past, an error message will be displayed indicating the parameter that caused the error. If the date and time are accepted, the text in the Current WakeUp textbox should change to the desired parameters, instead of displaying ‘NOT SCHEDULED’. Note that this message will always be displayed if there is no user scheduled wakeup. Automatic wakeups are programmed on the fly when the device is shut down from the OSD.


Above the wakeup settings there are three controls, labeled Restart the UMP, Power Off UMP and Hibernate UMP. These individual controls are explained below:


-         Restart UMP: This will completely restart the UMP. Please note that the web interface will not respond for up to 5 minutes.


-         Power Off UMP: Warning: This will shut down the UMP. You can only turn it on via a USB device or the physical power button.


-         Hibernate UMP: This will hibernate the device, so that it can resume quickly from the power save mode. You can only turn it on via a USB device or the power button.


Note that the UMP cannot be powered on again by means of the Web Interface, though any WakeOnLAN application can send a wakeup signal to it.


If a wakeup is scheduled, the device may lose and regain power without affecting the schedule, though if the OS is started, scheduled wakeups will be removed and the default values (AUTOSHUTDOWN_DEFAULT_WAKEUP_TIME) or the next applicable recording will be used to schedule the following wakeup at shutdown.