UMP (Unified Media Platform)

13.6 Shares and File services


As explained in chapter 2, you can configure the device’s network services via the Web Interface. To configure a service, navigate to the corresponding page:


-         Samba/CIFS:              Shares -> Local Shares

-         FTP:                            Shares -> FTP Settings

-         NFS:                           Shares -> Local Shares

-         UPnP/DLNA               Shares -> UPnP Settings


Please see chapter 2, sections 2 to 5 for more information on the individual parameters and their function.


Besides configuring the device’s local services, you can also connect to and disconnect from NFS and Samba/CIFS shares in the Web Interface. To see an overview of the currently connected shares, navigate to Shares -> Network Shares. This page displays a list of the connected shares at the top, where the following details are listed for each item (if any):


-         Share                          The full UNC network path to the share

-         Location                      The location in the filesystem where its mounted

-         Type                            The protocol over which the share is mounted

-         Access Mode             The access mode in use (RO or RW)


Below this overview, there is a drop down menu labeled Disconnect Share in which all currently connected shares are listed. To disconnect a share, select it from this menu and choose Disconnect. The status message above the share listing should change from ‘No operations pending’ to ‘Disconnected. – Removed old path’.


To connect a share, select the protocol by which to access the share in the Protocol drop down menu, enter the network path in the UNC Path entry box and select Connect to Share. You can also specify a username and password for the connection or select the access mode you wish to use. The status message at the top of the page should change to ‘Share connected’.


UNC network paths should be supplied in the following format:


Samba/CIFS:              \\ip.address.of.server\share or \\servername\share

NFS:                           ip.address.of.server:/directory or servername:/directory