UMP (Unified Media Platform)

13.5 YouTube/Downloads


The UMP allows you to perform regular HTTP downloads or even to download videos from YouTube, controlled remotely via the Web Interface in the YouTube/  Downloads section.




To download HTTP links or YouTube videos via the device’s Web Interface, navigate to the YouTube/Downloads tab. Here you can see a (presumably empty) list of files that are downloading. For files that are currently being downloaded, the download speed, download percentage and ETA are displayed.


Once a file download has been completed, you can either delete the file from the device by selecting the Delete link on the left hand side of the item, or re-encode the item to FLV by clicking on the file’s name. This function is only available for videos, though the page will accept any input file.




HTTP downloads are downloaded to the Downloads/Youtube directory, but will be moved to the Downloads directory as soon as the download completes. Note that this means successful downloads are automatically removed from the list.


Note that the progress indication is only available for HTTP downloads. The download function does not support SSL (HTTPS) connections. To download a file from an HTTPS link, use the Web Browser on the device.




Only ‘regular’ YouTube links can be downloaded. The regular links are direct links pointing to a certain video, with no additional parameters in the URL. The link should resemble the one in the following example:



YouTube downloads are also downloaded to the Downloads/Youtube directory, but are left in place afterwards.


Note that the YouTube download function does not work correctly in a number of browsers. For more extensive browser compatibility information, check the UMP knowledgebase or contact UMP support.