UMP (Unified Media Platform)

13.1 Status Overview


The Web Interface provides an intuitive, versatile means of configuring and managing the UMP and the media stored on it. Its functionality ranges from configuration options for the OSD over power management, file management, executing tasks on the device remotely and even controlling the device with the WebRemote.


When accessing the Web Interface, the initial page displays a brief summary of the device’s current status, including available disk space, future scheduled recordings, EPG availability and the current date and time. Below is an overview of the information and options presented on this page:


-         UMP Web Status as of […]: This displays the current date and time that the device is set to. Although the UMP devices automatically synchronize the by default, it is recommended to check that the time and date shown here match your timezone and are correctly adjusted. The EPG and scheduled recordings rely entirely on the date and time function, not on any time or ShowView information provided in the TV signal.


-         UMP Recording server is […]: This indicates whether the UMP recording server is running. If this is not the case, no recordings can take place.


-         The EPG listings […]: This indicates the availability of the EPG for the next 24 hours. If less than 24 hours of EPG data is loaded, a warning will be displayed in red, informing you roughly how many hours are still in the EPG cache.


-         […] programs scheduled to record: Here you can see how many recordings are scheduled. Note that favorites are only listed if they occur in the EPG data currently loaded.


-         […] of […] MB free in /mnt/data/Recordings: This indicates the amount of free space on the disk in which the TV_RECORD_DIR resides.


Below the status overview is a link to the WebRemote, which is discussed later in this chapter and a search entry field for the EPG, explained in section 3.