UMP (Unified Media Platform)

12.9 Using the File Manager


As mentioned before, many of the Desktop Mode elements are based on the ROX libraries and the file manager is no exception. This file manager was implemented mainly because of its ease and simplicity, while retaining advanced configuration options for advanced users.


To open the File Manager select File Manager (Desktop Mode) from the Commands Menu in the OSD or open the QuickMenu in the Desktop Mode and select it from the System menu.


The file manager can be operated quite easily, and is optimized for the mouse (UMP-R-2XX, UMP-R-3XX) but can be operated by the remote control (UMP-R-1XX with Mouse Mode enabled).



Besides advanced file management, superior to the functionality provided in the OSD or the Web Interface, the File Manager also allows direct Shell Access. To open an Xterm session, right click on an empty space in the main file listing area of an open File Manager instance and select Window -> Terminal here.


Note that any usage of the Terminal or other ‘Shell Access’ methods may void the ‘software warranty’ on the device. See the notes in chapter 16 of this manual for more information. The usage and functionality of ‘Shell Access’ and/or the Linux operating system are beyond the scope of this document.


For more information on using the File Manager see the built-in Help function and the documentation at