UMP (Unified Media Platform)

12.8 Using the Network Share Utility


The UMP Network Share Utility provides a simple interface which allows you to connect and disconnect (also referred to as ‘mount’ and ‘unmount’) Samba network shares.


To open the Network Share Utility select Connect Network Shares from the Commands Menu in the OSD or open the QuickMenu in the Desktop Mode and select it from the System menu.


Note that the UMP Network Share Utility (or UMP Samba Client) only deals with Samba (SMB/CIFS) network shares, and cannot be used to connect an NFS share. It can also only mount Samba shares read-only for security reasons, as opposed to the Shares section in the Web Interface, where Samba and NFS can be used, and read-only or read+write access modes can be selected.


Note that even if the user you use to authenticate via Samba has read+write permissions to the volume in question, the access will be read only if the share was connected by the Network Share Utility.


To disconnect a share, select it from the drop down menu under Connected Shares and select the Disconnect button. A message box should appear confirming that the share has been disconnected. If an error is displayed, or the share is still listed among the connected shares, make sure there are no background tasks accessing the path in question and attempt to disconnect it again.


To exit the UMP Network Share Utility you can use the close button in the window’s TitleBar or select the Close Samba Client at the bottom of the main application.


The UMP Network Share Utility and the Shares page in the Web Interface are both aware of each others state. This means that you can add a share with the UMP Utility, refresh the Shares page, and you should see the changes immediately.


Note that the UMP Network Share Utility cannot be fully controlled using only the remote control (UMP-R-1XX) but requires the (mouse and) keyboard (UMP-R-3XX).