UMP (Unified Media Platform)

12.3 Using the Desktop Mode while the OSD is active


As mentioned before, you can use the OSD to play music or copy a DVD while performing other tasks in the Desktop Mode. When doing so, there are a few limitations one should consider.



Windowed operation


When you set the OSD to windowed mode with for instance the ‘z’ key on the keyboard (UMP-R-2XX, UMP-R-3XX) or the OSD FScreen button on the remote control (UMP-R-1XX) you can use key combinations such as <Alt>+<Tab> to switch between it and other windows, though it is often more practical to Roll Up/Down the window. If you Minimize or Iconify the window you will need to use <WinKey>+<D> or <Alt>+<Tab> to restore it to its windowed state.


When the OSD window is Rolled Up, ‘z’ on the keyboard or the OSD FScreen button on the remote control switch between the fullscreen OSD and the rest of the Desktop Mode seamlessly. This is the recommended way of switching, although its efficiency depends on how often you switch between the two modes/windows.



Start/Stop OSD


If you press the Start/Stop OSD button when the OSD is active, regardless of focus or whether it’s displayed, it will shut down. Selecting it from the QuickMenu or by means of the desktop icon has the same effect.