UMP (Unified Media Platform)

12.11 Using the PDF Reader


Because of the widespread usage of the Portable Document Format (PDF), a PDF reader has been integrated into the UMP. This allows you to view the user manual or almost any other PDF document.


This application can be operated with any of the remote control type, ranging from the UMP-R-1XX to the mouse and keyboard (UMP-R-3XX). The PDF Reader provides a sleek an unobtrusive user interface which is focused on navigation in the PDF document. If the application is launched from the OSD or the QuickMenu, no document will be loaded, and the main window’s grey background will be visible.


To open the PDF Reader, select PDF Reader (Desktop Mode) from the Commands Menu in the OSD or open the QuickMenu in the Desktop Mode and select it from the Applications menu.


To load a PDF file in the reader, simply drag it to the PDF Reader main window from an open File Manager instance, or almost any other dialog allowing you to navigate through the filesystem of the device.


The PDF Reader is configured as the default application for the Web Browser to open PDF documents, though this behavior can be customized in the Web Browser’s advanced configuration. See section 7 of this chapter for more information on the usage of the Web Browser.


To exit the PDF Reader, select the close button in its TitleBar or press the Quit button in the bottom right hand corner of the main application window.


For more information on using the Xpdf (the PDF Reader) see the built-in Help function and the documentation at