UMP (Unified Media Platform)

12.10 Using the IM Client


One of the many aspects that make the UMP devices so unique is their flexibility, allowing you to enjoy media with a remote control, or browse the web and write documents using a mouse and keyboard. The IM Client is a logical extension of the web browsing functionality.


Note that the IM Client requires a mouse and keyboard to be operated correctly (UMP-R-3XX) though the mouse is optional.


To open the IM Client, select IM Client (Desktop Mode) from the Commands Menu in the OSD or open the QuickMenu in the Desktop Mode and select it from the Applications menu.


The IM Client allows you to set up multiple identities in one single application, effectively providing the advantages of a single sign-on system. Currently, the following networks/protocols are support by the client:




AOL Instant Messenger


The Gadu-Gadu network


Google’s XMPP implementation


The ICQ network


Internet Relay Chat


Extendable Messaging and Presence Platform


Microsoft Network


The Qq network


Yahoo instant messaging



Note: if you launched the IM Client from the OSD, you can close the application’s main window without restoring the OSD automatically on top of any child windows.


For more information on using the IM Client see the built-in Help function and the documentation at