UMP (Unified Media Platform)

11.1 Adding a Torrent


The BitTorrent client functionality included in this device provides the possibility to download media transparently in the background, while you are free to perform other tasks in the OSD. It is in no way intended to be used to violate any copyright laws or other applicable legislations.


Note that merely the use or possession of a BitTorrent client is prohibited by law in some countries. It is strongly recommended that you check the applicable laws for your region before using the Torrent function and contact the UMP support if you need to have it removed.




To load a Torrent file in the Torrent client, you can simply place the file in the  Downloads/Torrents directory. It will be loaded automatically within a few seconds, after which you can view the upload and download progress and statistics by opening the Torrent Menu in the OSD. The Info Area at the bottom displays the statistics of the currently highlighted torrent.


You can also manually load a Torrent file from the Downloads directory or any one of its subdirectories by selecting Add a new torrent in the Torrent Menu. After the .torrent file itself has been selected, you can also follow its progress in the Torrents overview.


You can check whether the Torrent client is running by navigating to Status in the Main Menu and selecting Torrent Client Status. If the process is active, a PID will be listed.