UMP (Unified Media Platform)

10.5 Games Plugins and Settings




The entire Games functionality of the UMP device is contained in the ‘games’ plugin which can be enabled of disabled in the Web Interface under Plugins -> Global.





The following settings can be used to configure the Games section of the device and can be found in the Web Interface under Settings -> All -> Games.




Here you can specify the task priority. Note that higher priorities or even some extremely heavy games can cause slight inconsistencies while recording. Possible values are integers between -20 and 19, where -20 is the highest priority, and 19 has the lowest precedence over other tasks.



('Super Nintendo', '/mnt/data/Games/SNES',

          ('SNES', '/usr/local/bin/zsnes','-m -r 3 -k 100 -u -v 11',

          '/usr/share/freevo/images/ump-games-logo-256x256.png', None)),


('MAME Games', '/mnt/data/Games/Arcade',

('MAME', '/usr/games/xmame.SDL','--ka -ef 1 -fullscreen',

          '/usr/share/freevo/images/ump-games-logo-256x256.png', 'zip')),


('DOS Games', '/mnt/data/Games/DOS',

('GENERIC', '/usr/bin/dosbox','-exit -fullscreen -conf /etc/dosbox.conf',

          '/usr/share/freevo/images/ump-games-logo-256x256.png', 'exe')),


('Playstation 1', '/mnt/data/Games/Playstation',

('GENERIC', '/usr/local/bin/pSX','-f ',

'/usr/share/freevo/images/ump-games-logo-256x256.png', ['img','iso','bin']))



Here you can specify which emulators you wish to use. Note that MAME is configured by default, although it is not included. After changing any of these settings, you will need to restart the OSD for the settings to take effect.