UMP (Unified Media Platform)

10.4 DOSbox Games


This section explains a few of the subtleties of the DOSbox application. The full documentation is available online as mentioned earlier.


You can operate a DOS application with any one of the three types of remote control, though only the UMP-R-3XX allows full control such as key combinations like <Ctrl>+<C> or <Ctrl>+<Esc>.


The OSD will display any executable file in the Games/DOS directory in the Games Menu. Whether a file is executable is not determined by the executable flag on the file (for *NIX systems) but by the .bat, .com and .exe file extensions.


When you select an executable in the DOS Games Menu, DOSbox will be launched, and you will have the Games/DOS directory mounted. Use ‘cd’ followed by the name of the application’s directory to change into it, and enter the executable’s name. The game or application should be initiated.


Although DOSbox is a very flexible application not all DOS based applications can be executed. Despite the fact that the full configuration of the application is beyond the scope of the UMP documentation, there is an article in the UMP knowledgebase which lists some of the games that are known to work.