UMP (Unified Media Platform)

10.2 Adding BIOS Files


Please note that the possession of a BIOS file for most ‘platforms’ is often illegal unless you posses the authentic physical device containing the BIOS. In some countries this is even insufficient, and it is strongly recommended to check the applicable laws in your region.



Adding BIOS is files is only required for the Sony PlayStation emulator and for MAME. Both emulators can be configured to use alternative BIOS files, although you will need to manually edit the configuration file in the case of MAME. This is explained later in this manual.


The UMP uses psX, an open source Playstation Emulator, which can be run from the Desktop Mode, too. When running it separately, the TitleBar and MenuBar of the application are visible, and you can access the applications settings or choose to run a Playstation CD-ROM. Please see the documentation on the application’s homepage for more information about psX.


The Sony PlayStation BIOS file need to be called ‘SCPH1001.bin’, and should be placed in the Games/Playstation/bios/ directory. As mentioned before, you can select another file within psX.


MAME BIOS files must be ZIP compressed files and should be placed in the same directory as the games, Games/Arcade/. Note that by default the MAME application looks for a file called ‘’ and was optimized to run with the applicable games, though others are supported. Please see the documentation provided on the application’s homepage for more information.


Although the zSNES emulator contains the BIOS to run Super Nintendo ROMs, it is covered by the GPL license according to the author(s). See the legal statement at the bottom of the following page:

A small excerpt of the license:

“[…]The ZSNES Team is not connected or affiliated with any mentioned company in any way. Companies and all products pertaining to that company are trademarks of that company. Please contact that company for trademark and copyright information.[…]”