UMP (Unified Media Platform)

10.1 Playing Games


As well as the playback of static media, the UMP supports a large number of games by means of emulation, enabling a user to add the corresponding platform BIOS(*) files and the games of their choice.


Currently, four main platforms are available for Games support:


-         Super Nintendo Entertainment System – ‘zSNES’ emulator

-         Sony PlayStation – ‘psX’ emulator (requires BIOS file)

-         Multi Arcade Machine Emulator – MAME is supported, though it is not included due to licensing restrictions. See the License Notes at the beginning.

-         Microsoft DOS – DOSbox emulator


There are some general limitations that should be taken into account when selecting and playing games on the UMP:


-         The UMP is calibrated towards media playback, therefore emulators may not render all ‘officially’ supported titles on this device. In most cases this is caused by hardware limitations.

-          The Sony PlayStation emulator requires a BIOS file and one or more games, which may be physical PS CD-ROMs or disc images, though disc images are recommended.

-          The DOSbox DOS emulator is not a games emulator strictly speaking, and is therefore not limited to recreational use. See the notes in section 4 of this chapter.

-         The MAME emulator requires both a BIOS file (NeoGeo is configured by default) and needs to be installed separately. See the install instructions in chapter 1 of this manual.

-          Many ‘fast’ games are not designed to work with a remote control (UMP-R-1XX, UMP-R-2XX) because of its slow response time and limitations such as the fact that you can only effective press one key at a time. For these applications it is recommended to connect a PS/2 or USB (mouse and) keyboard (UMP-R-3XX), or a USB game controller.

-          Adding games to the device may be illegal in your region and is done entirely at your own responsibility. Any ‘BIOS’ or ‘ROM’ files on a device that is returned for maintenance or repair will be deleted!