UMP (Unified Media Platform)

1.8 Saving your settings


This section concludes the initial setup of your UMP device. It is recommended to make a backup of these settings, so that you can always revert to them at a later date in case of problems.


You can save your entire configuration of the device at any time by selecting ‘backup_settings’ in the web interface, under Plugins -> Helpers or by selecting Save User Settings from the Commands Menu in the OSD. A ‘usersettings.tar.gz’ file will be created in Config under ‘_backup_settings’. To minimize the risk of having to complete the setup again, copy this backup to a safe location.


If you save your settings again, the current settings archive will be renamed to ‘usersettings.tar.gz.old’, whereas the new backup will have the original name ‘usersettings.tar.gz.’. When the backup settings script is called again, the oldest backup will be deleted, and only the latest and one archived copy will be kept.


Note: for warranty and support we strongly recommend to register to register your device online at You can find the physical serial number of the device on the left side near the rear as displayed in the image below:




1.8 Saving your settings (continued)


When choosing Restore User Settings from the Commands menu, or restore_settings from the Web Interface under Plugins -> Helpers the usersettings.tar.gz file will be used, regardless of any other backups in that directory.


When Restore Default Settings is selected from the Commands menu or restore_defaults from the Web Interface under Plugins -> Helpers, the user settings backups remain untouched and can still be restored.


Congratulations! This concludes the initial setup. You can now continue to explore the many functions of the device.