UMP (Unified Media Platform)

1.6 Configuring TV Channels


The UMP devices can be both DHCP clients or use static IP addresses. In most cases, the use of a static IP address or static DHCP lease is recommended if you use the Bittorrent function, as your router or other NAT device should be configured to forward the port used for this application.


Note: if the device is configured as a DHCP client, but no DHCP lease is provided, the device will revert to its default IP address,


To change network settings on the device, choose the Web Browser from the Main Menu and select UMP Management from the bookmarks menu at the top or open the web interface from another networked computer. Navigate to Settings -> Network, and select the connection protocol.


Note: The Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8 seem to have problems with this section among others of the web interface. If you access the device from another networked computer, we recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox or another W3C compliant Gecko based browser.


It is recommended to keep the default hostname ‘UMP’, although you can specify another. Do NOT include spaces in the hostname, as this may cause some network services to fail. The length of the hostname should NOT exceed 12 characters.


If you choose to set up a static IP address, note that a DNS server is not compulsory but recommended. In general it is best to use your local DNS proxy (router, etc) or a DNS address from your ISP as your primary DNS server, and use a public DNS server like Google’s open DNS servers as a second DNS address.


Note that you may need to restart some services or the entire UMP after changing these settings. A restart of the device is recommended.