UMP (Unified Media Platform)

1.6 Configuring TV Channels


Configuring TV channels consists of two separate systems with different functionality. These two systems are the EPG, and TV channels used for the TV/DVB functionality of the device (watching and recording TV).

TV channels that are not included in your EPG settings can be used to view and record TV and the TV channels selected do not influence the EPG settings. To use functions like Scheduling Recordings or Favorites you obviously need the EPG to at least partially match the TV channels.

To configure TV channels, add them in the Web Interface under Settings -> TV -> TV_CHANNELS. You should see a list where you can add and remove items. If you have already configured the EPG, you can try the Auto Detect Channels button below the channel listing, though this doesn’t support all XMLTV listings.


If you use EPG data for TV channels, make sure to include the correct XMLTV ID for the channel in your TV_CHANNELS listing. A typical entry would like this:

 ('311', 'Veronica', 'SR11', '', '0')


This parameter consists of the following:

-         ‘311’ is the XMLTV ID

-         ‘Veronica’ is the name that will be displayed in the EPG and OSD

-         ‘SR11’ is the frequency/channel definition

-         The following two parameters are reserved for future use and should be left blank or set to 0 as in the example


Note: You can remove the Composite and S-Video channels from the TV channel listing. If the channels are removed, you will be unable to schedule a recording from them, but you can still watch the channels in the OSD. The XMLTV IDs of these two channels (9998, 9999) cannot be changed.


After you have configured the TV channels, it is recommended to restart the UMP. Until the device has been restarted, recordings will not be possible, though watching the selected channels should be possible after restarting the OSD.