UMP (Unified Media Platform)

1.5             Changing the Region/EPG


Depending on your location or interests, you will probably wish to configure the device to reflect these preferences. The settings described in this section can be changed at any time, but are intended as one-time only configuration parameters.


Choose the Web Browser from the Main Menu and select UMP Management from the bookmarks menu at the top or open the Web Interface from another networked computer.


The following parameters should be reviewed:




-         Settings -> TV -> TV_SETTINGS: You should see a string ‘PAL television europe-west /dev/video0’. By changing this setting, you can configure the UMP for PAL (50Hz) or NTSC (60Hz) broadcasts. Note that this is completely separate from the PAL/NTSC output to an external display. You can also select a different TV system from the following list:








































-         Settings -> TV -> TV_VIEW_SIZE, TV_REC_SIZE: You should see a value like ‘(720, 576)’. Change this value to ‘(720, 640)’ if you use NTSC.


 -         Settings -> All -> Other -> TIMEZONE: change this to the two digit country code representing your geographical location.




1.5 Changing the Region/EPG (continued)






-         Settings -> All -> Youtube -> YOUTUBE_REGION_CODE: You should see another two digit country code. Replace this with your country code if Youtube supplies localized feeds for this area.




-         Settings -> All -> XMLTV -> XMLTV_TIMEZONE: You should see a value similar to ‘+01:00’. Change this value to your timezone (according to GMT).




-         Settings -> EPG -> Currently Selected EPG: Select the EPG for your region from the selection box, choose the corresponding TV system from the next menu on the right and click on Set EPG.




-         Select the channels you receive from the list of checkboxes further down the page and click Set Channels when done.




-         Select Restart UMP from Settings -> Power and answer Yes.




This concludes the regional settings. Once the UMP has restarted you can select to update the EPG, but note that this can take hours, depending on the amount of data available (the EPG updater attempts to download 5 days by default), the speed of your internet connection, the number of selected channels and the speed of the XML source online.


 If you wish to manually update the EPG, it is recommended that you do so from the Web Interface by selecting ‘tv_grab’ under Plugins -> Helpers.